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How many equations make up Maxwell's equations?
What is the name of a support used to balance an object at its center of mass?
What does mass multiplied by velocity represent?
What is the four letter acronym that often refers to the massive particle collision laboratory in Switzerland?
The idea that objects gain mass as they approach the speed of light is a consequence of which of Einstein's theories?
What is the unit of capacitance?
E=kq/r^2 represents a form of which law?
The work done per unit charge against an electric field is called what?
The integral of a velocity function over a specific time interval represents what?
The integral of force with respect to displacement yields what?
What term refers to the bending of light as it travels through a medium?
Newton's 2nd law states that force is equal to mass times what?
Which law relates the integrated magnetic field around a closed loop to the current flowing through the loop?
Which property of a solid sphere is described by 2/5mr^2?
In which kind of circuit can the total resistance be found by simply summing up the resistances of all the resistors in the circuit?
What is the acceleration due to gravity on earth in m/s^2? (to one decimal place)
Which kind of friction must be overcome in order begin sliding a stationary object on a surface?

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