Donkey Kong 64 Rap

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Beginning of the LyricFinish the Lyric
H-H-H Here (insert blank)
So they're finally back, (blank)
If you know the words, (blank)
Put your hands together, (blank)
As we take you through, this funky rap... (exclamation!)
DK! Donkey (blank)
He's the leader of the bunch, (blank)
He's finally back, (blank)
His (blank) gun, can fire in spurts!
If he shoots yah, it's gonna, (blank!)
He's (blank), faster, stronger too!
He's the (blank) member of the DK Crew!
(blank), Donkey Kong!
D.K, Donkey Kong is (blank)!
Chorus (put Chorus)
This kong's got (blank), so listen up dudes!
She shrinks in size to suit (blank)
She's quick n'nimble (blank)
She (blank) in the air, and climbs up trees!
If you choose her, you won't choose (blank)
With a skip and a hop, she's ONE (blank)
Name the Kong above:
Chorus (put Chorus)
He has no style, he has no (blank)
In fact (blank) has a funny face.
He can (blank), when he needs to.
And stretch his (blank) out, just for you!
Beginning of the LyricFinish the Lyric
(Blank) himself, just like a balloon.
This crazy Kong just, (blank) this tune
Name the Kong above:
He's back again, about (blank), too!
And this time, he's in the (blank)
He can (blank) real high
With his (blank) on
With his (blank) out, he's one Tough Kong!
He can make you smile, when you hear his (blank)
But Kremlings (blank)
'cause he's (blank)
Name the Kong above:
(Blank) he's here for you!
It's the (blank) member of the DK Crew!
This Kong's so strong, it isn't (blank)
He can make a Kremling, (blank) for Mommy!
He can pick up a boulder, with (blank)
Makes crushing (blank), seem such a breeze
He may move slow, he can't (blank)
But this Kong's one (blank) of a guy!
Name the Kong above:
Walnuts, (blank), pineapple smells...
Grapes, melons, (blank) and coconut shells...
D.K.! (blank)

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