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Anyone perfect must be lying (5)Falling for the First Time
Jane, divided / but I can't decide (4)Jane
Like Kurosawa I make mad films / 'kay, I don't make films (8)One Week
And if you court this disaster (4)Call and Answer
All I find I leave behind (5)Watching the Northern Lights
You can shine like silver all you want (4)Aluminum
You're so 1990 (3)Shoebox
I could hide out under there (6)Pinch Me
Is it true? Yes, it's true enough, I guess / Come join the (4)Second Best
You're an abacus / and my heart (4)Adrift
Broken glass, broke and hungry / broken hearts and broken bones (7)The Old Apartment
I'm conducting it all in my sleep (5)Light Up My Room
You don't think I can love you (9)I Can I Will I Do
You could turn and stay, but (5)You Run Away
My hands clench the squeegee (3)When I Fall
And this hairshirt is woven from (3)What a Good Boy
I'm not trying to sing a love song / I'm trying (4)These Apples
Well, I'd buy you a fur coat (8)If I Had $1000000
But how do you plan for (5)Bank Job
Soon the world will see / our graffiti love (5)Every Subway Car
Old at being young / young at being old (6)Alternative Girlfriend
Call it impulsive, call it compulsive, (3)Brian Wilson
I've got depraved chimps (5)Another Postcard
I could be good, and I would / if I (4)Too Little Too Late

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