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English verbFrench verb
To wear (clothes)
To love/adore
To reward
To scratch (oneself)
To share
To rest
To crack
To shiver (with cold)
To disappoint
To follow
To win
To wave/shake
To exceed/overtake
To brake
To annoy (someone)
To connect (an item to)
To blow
To waste
To drop (bomb)
To supply/provide
To insult
To relax (muscles)
To push
To pull
To feel (an object)
To meet
To cross (line, border)
To function
To pretend/feign
To miss/fail to see
To reveal (make visible)
To fetch
To impede
To cross (river)
English verbFrench verb
To delay
To withdraw
To recognise
To encircle
To sit (on a seat)
To prevent
To redeem (oneself)
To rinse
To poke
To sneeze
To snow
To remove
To hire (an item)
To solve (a problem)
To carry
To manage (business, shop)
To climb (stairs)
To confirm
To steal
To beat/fight
To sew
To exit/leave
To cry/weep
To give up/abandon
To grow (get bigger)
To display
To resign (job)
To shout
To kill
To manoeuvre
To climb (hill)
To mow
To squash
To hire (a person)
English verbFrench verb
To moan
To digest (food)
To disenchant
To land (as a passenger)
To bury
To descend
To decide
To become
To turn
To smile
To score (goal)
To hear
To happen
To wrap
To present
To clear (the table)
To pocket
To advance
To shave
To dig (garden)
To steer
To lower
To dazzle
To escape
To participate
To sign
To bow
To rejoin
To shoot
To encourage
To type (on typewriter)
To analyse

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