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What is the 'Patella' commonly known as?Science
What element does 'K' represent in the periodic table?Science
What is the longest mountain range in the world?Geography
In what country would you find the City of Damascus?Geography
What is Roger Federer famous for?Sports
'Saur' is the Latin word for lizard, but what does 'Dino' mean?Languages
How many moons does Mars have?Science
On which Continent are the 'Rockies?'Geography
In what year was the Battle of Hastings?History
Mrs. Slocombe is a character from which U.K. sitcom?Television
Who founded the Ford Motor Corporation?Misc.
In the film, what breed of dog is 'Beethoven?'Film
What is the Capital City of Australia?Geography
Who played Hans Gruber in the film, 'Die Hard?'Film
What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?Languages
Who plays the character 'Blackadder' in the T.V. show of the same name?Television
If someone said, 'An image on silver nitrate paper,' what would they be describing?Science
Who painted the 'Persistence of Memory' in 1931?Culture
If A.C. stands for Alternating Current, what does D.C. stand for?Science
What is the currency of India?Geography
What did Charles MacIntosh invent in 1823?Science
The 'Yeti' is said to inhabit which mountain range?Geography
Quito is the Capital City of which South American country?Geography
Who directed the film, 'Jurassic Park?'Film
Who invented the Television?Science
Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss star in which 1975 film?Film
If you breed a Poodle and a Labrador, what do you end up with?Nature
What is the name of Sigourney Weaver's character in 'Alien?'Film
How many millimeters are in one inch? (To one decimal place.)Misc.
The Capital City of Bulgaria is a woman's first name, but what is it?Geography
Who is the Chief Norse God?Mythology
Which Island is Abel Tasman most famous for discovering?Geography
What does 'WWW' stand for when referring to an internet address?Misc.
The 'Killer Whale' or 'Orca' is actually a type of what?Nature
Which Roman emperor was said to have eaten babies?History
What is a Rhinoceros' horn made from?Nature
What is the only country to border Lesotho?Geography
What genus/type of animal is an Ibex?Nature
Carbon Dioxide is made of what elements?Science
What is the second longest river in Africa?Geography
What is the last book of the New Testament called?Culture
Who originally said the Sun was at the centre of the universe?Science
Io is a moon belonging to which planet?Science
On what continent is Lake Tanganyika?Geography
Steel is made from which core metal ingredient?Science
According to Greek mythology, who killed the Minotaur?Mythology
Who was the first U.S. President?History
Who wrote 'The Lord of the Rings?'Culture
In which Country would you find Sao Paulo?Geography
What country did Alexander the Great come from?History

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