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Comes in juices and pies. It 'keeps the doctor away..'
The name is the same as the color.
Has a brown, fuzzy outside, but green inside
It is a big fruit, it is red inside and sometimes come with seeds
It is yellow and sour, usually put on the rim of drinks at restaurants.
Usually comes in a sauce on a special 'Turkey' holiday
Very hard and circular fruit, used on mostly desserts
Before it was considered a vegetable
Yellow, curved like a 'C'
Prickly fruit, has giant leaves sprouting from the top
Sort of a small orange, it can pull apart
Closely related to the lemon
Used in jams, jellies, pies, cakes, this is a red fruit
Small fruit, comes in red or green, grows on vines
A red fruit, has red seeds in it, many uses such as juice, ending sounds like a natural stone

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