Two Word Accounting Terms

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A gain or recurrent benefit/A single declaration or remark
(word one)/(word two) 
Equilibrium/A regular piece of paper
(word one)/(word two) 
To have or hold property/freedom from bias or favoritism
(word one)'s/(word two) 
To have or hold property/The main city in a state
(word one)'s/(word two) 
To have or hold property/The art of representing an object by means of lines to create a sketch
(word one)'s/(word two) 
To increase gradually in number/To lower in estimation or esteem
(word one)+d/(word two) 
To lower in estimation or esteem/A loss or detriment
(word one)/(word two) 
To adapt or conform/An act or entering
(word one)+ing/(word two)-y + ies 
A record/To pay
(word one)+s/(word two) 
A record/To receive
(word one)+s/(word two) 

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