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Literal Song TitleReal Song TitleArtist
The Entire Moment Near to the Ground
Lasses Simply Yearn for Painting the Town Red
Wicker Box Container
Small Explosive Hand Bomb
Silence! Steer!
Oh no! I Accomplished the Task for the Second Time
Avenue of Out of Order Experiences Whilst Sleeping
Visage of a Game Consisting of Cards
The Chronicle of Adoration
Arouse Me at the End of the Ninth Month
Similar to a Business Jet
Tropical American Click Beetles with Bright Luminous Spots
Printed on Balls of Hydrogen and Helium Gas
Bits of Salty Water on My Six Stringed Instrument
Baby Goats in the USA
Literal Song TitleReal Song TitleArtist
What a Breathtaking Globe of Humanity
Who Gave Permission for the Outing of the Domesticated Wolves?
Hands You Over the Devil's Home
Young Men and Female Human Offspring
Greetings, Spirit Sibling
Without a Pumping Organ
As Soon As I Mature
Realm Condition of Psyche
Immense Emerald Farm Vehicle
Scorching - As Well As Frosty
The Series of Mental Images and Emotions Occurring During Sleep of the Youth
My Conclusion – In High Spirits!
Explosion! Detonation! Prisoner of War!
On Top of the Arced Visible Spectrum
Unvoiced Hours of Darkness

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