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Which city was J.K. Rowling leaving by train when she thought of the idea of Harry Potter?
In what number book does Harry discover Arabella Figg is a squib?
Name Hagrid's half brother
Voldemort's soul is split into how many pieces?
When Harry is disguised as Goyle, what is the password to the Slytherin common room?
Name Neville Longbottom's mother
Name Snape's mother
What number Quidditch World Cup does Harry see?
How many books are in the Harry Potter series?
Name the famous sweetshop in Hogsmeade
Voldemort hides in which country when his powers stripped?
A wooden basin allowing oneself to see memories is called a...
What book is Harry reading when Snape confiscates it off him?
Who informed Voldemort about Horcruxes?
What words does Umbridge order Harry to write with her quill?
What date is Harry's birthday?
Who was Minister for Magic from 1980 to 1990?
What is the main genre of the Harry Potter series?
In what number book does Harry discover Argus Filch is a squib?
Who's boggart is a banshee?

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