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ALeader of Women's suffrage movement; on the dollar coin
BJohn F. Kennedy's attempted overthrow of Fidel Castro
CA warhawk nicknamed the 'Great Compromiser'
DFamous runaway slave and abolitionist
EInventor of the lightbulb, phonograph, and motion picture camera
FHamliton, Madison, and Jay wrote these
GSmall strip of land bought from Mexico in 1853
HShanty towns named after the 31st president
IWhere Japanese-Americans were kept during WWII
JNickname for the 1920s other than the 'Roaring Twenties'
KAnti-black group formed after the Civil War
LCity where nine black students tried to attend Central High School in 1957
MWWII General who said, 'I shall return'
NGroup led by Chief Joseph
OArea settled by 'boomers' and 'sooners' in 1889
PMajor U.S. building project from 1904-1914 visited by Theodore Roosevelt
Q6th President's full name minus the 2nd President's full name
RCouple executed for passing atomic secrets to the Soviets
SNickname critical of the Alaskan purchase
TMajor North Vietnamese offensive that weakened support for the war in the U.S.
UPhrase added to the 'Pledge of Allegiance' under Eisenhower
VA 'Robber Baron' who made his money in railroads
WPolitical party created in opposition to Andrew Jackson
XPolitical incident with France during Adam's presidency
YSensationalism used by Pulitzer and Hearst to start the Spanish-American War
ZIntercepted communication that pulled the U.S. into WWI

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