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What uprising resulted from a tax created by Hamilton?
What did FDR declare to stop bank runs?
Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence?
During what three day battle did Pickett's Charge take place?
What event is frequently referred to as the closest the world came to a nuclear war?
Who guided Lewis and Clark?
What unpopular president was in charge of the early Reconstruction Period?
Who was the Mexican general that faced the Texans at the Alamo?
What nickname was given to the Scopes Trial of 1925?
What resolved the taxation and representation questions surrounding slaves?
What WWII general vowed to return to the Philippines?
Which general was killed in the Battle of Little Bighorn?
What frontiersman passed through the Cumberland Gap to explore Kentucky?
What is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010, more commonly called?
What nickname was given to Roosevelt's men in the Spanish-American War?
Where did Lee surrender his army to Grant?
What did Lincoln issue to prevent European nations from joining the war?
What gave women the right to vote in the US?
What nickname is given to the day the stockmarket crashed in 1929?
Who was the major proponent of the 'American System' during the first half of the 1800s?
What famous route went from Independence to the Willamette Valley?
What two-word phrase describes the time when the US tried to take land and expand westward?
What was the uprising of Massachusetts farmers in 1786 called?
What ship was torpedoed by Germany in 1915 and helped push the US toward joining WWI?
What scandal broke out during Reagan's presidency involving rebels in Nicaragua?
What general led the campaign to take Mexico City?
What did the colonies call the Coercive Acts?
In what city were nine black students denied entry to Central High School?
What nickname was given to the group that wanted war with Britain in 1812?
What derogatory term was used to describe industrialists during the Gilded Age?
What disaster was Reagan referring to when he talked about slipping the 'surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God'?
What was T. Roosevelt's political party in the 1912 election?
What were opponents of slavery called?
What nickname was given to Adams' controversial increase of federal judges?
What woman helped begin the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
Which president arrived in France after WWI with 14 Points?
What name was given to FDR's radio addresses to the country?
What nickname did Texas take as a reminder of their time as an independent republic?
What party was formed in opposition to Jackson?
What Indian leader did William Henry Harrison face prior to and during the War of 1812?

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