Tolkien: The Letter G

Random Literature or Lord of the Rings Quiz

Can you name the People, Places, and Things created by Tolkien starting with the letter G?

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An elf of Lorien
An elf of Rivendell
An elf of Mithlond
An elf of Gondolin
An elf of Nargothrond
An elf (Noldor High King)
A human of Rohan
A human of Dorthonion
A human (female)
A stoor
A hobbit
An orc
A dwarf
A wild man
A dragon
An eagle
A balrog
A maia
A vala
A river-daughter
A river
A field near the Anduin
A forest
A port city
A mountain city
A realm
A tree of Yavanna
A battering ram
A sword of Turin
A sword of Gandalf
A weapon of Melkor

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