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Featured Feb 1, 2012

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Feb 1Quisling became the pro-Hitler leader of this country (1942).
Feb 2South Africa's president vowed to free this man (1990).
Feb 3This former president resigned as Supreme Court Chief Justice (1930).
Feb 4This president of Panama was arrested (1988).
Feb 5South Carolina became the first state to ratify this original U.S. constitution (1778).
Feb 6A woman claiming to be this daughter of Czar Nicholas II arrived in New York (1928).
Feb 7Dr. Josef Mengele, an infamous Nazi with this nickname, died (1979).
Feb 8Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded for plotting to kill this woman (1587).
Feb 9This man was elected temporary leader of the Confederacy (1861).
Feb 10Chess champion Garry Kasparov was defeated by this computer (1996).
Feb 11This man seized power in Iran (1979).
Feb 12This Serb leader went on trial for war crimes (2002).
Feb 13This German city was bombed killing tens of thousands of civilians (1945).
Feb 14The Sandinistas of this country agreed to hold free elections (1989).
Feb 15This scientist was born in Pisa, Italy (1564).
Feb 16This archeologist opened 'King Tut's' tomb (1923).
Feb 17This Apache leader died (1909).
Feb 18This painter of the Sistine Chapel died (1564).
Feb 19FDR signed an order requiring people with this nation's ancestry to be confined in camps (1942).
Feb 20This man became the first man from the U.S. to orbit earth (1962).
Feb 21This African American nationalist leader was assassinated (1965).
Feb 22This nation ceded Florida to the U.S. (1819).
Feb 23Marines raised the US flag on this island (1945).
Feb 24This man was elected president of Argentina (1946).
Feb 25Nikita Khrushchev spoke out against this man (1956).
Feb 26This man escaped from Elba (1815).
Feb 27This nation gained independence from Haiti (1844).
Feb 28The 1st Persian Gulf War ended with Iraq pulling out of this nation (1991).
Feb 29This Italian opera composer was born (1792).

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