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Nov 1The Sistine Chapel, painted by this artist, was opened to the public (1512).
Nov 2Ngo Dinh Diem, leader of this nation, was assassinated (1963).
Nov 3The Chicago Tribune printed this erroneous headline (1948).
Nov 4Howard Carter discovered the tomb of this pharaoh (1922).
Nov 5This man was captured in the Gunpowder Plot (1605).
Nov 6This Bolshevik leader led a revolt in Russia (1917).
Nov 7This NBA star announced that he was infected with HIV and retired from the NBA (1991).
Nov 8Physicist Wilhelm Rontgen discovered this (1895).
Nov 9Nazis launched an attack on Jews known as this (1938).
Nov 10This man was crowned emperor of Japan (1928).
Nov 11This conflict ended (1918).
Nov 12This Japanese leader was sentenced to death (1948).
Nov 13During the 'Red Scare', this character of English folklore was charged in Indiana with being communist (1953).
Nov 14This Empire entered WWI (1914).
Nov 15Pedro II, the last emperor of this nation, was overthrown in a coup (1889).
Nov 16This woman became the first female leader of a Muslim country (1988).
Nov 17This waterway opened for business (1869).
Nov 18A mass suicide took place at Jonestown in this nation (1978).
Nov 19Abraham Lincoln delivered a famous speech on this battlefield (1863).
Nov 20Trials began for German war criminals in this city (1945).
Nov 21This man announced his invention of the phonograph (1877).
Nov 22This man was assassinated in Dallas, Texas (1963).
Nov 23The BBC broadcasts the first ever episode of this science fiction drama originally starring William Hartnell (1963).
Nov 24This man's 'Origin of Species' was published (1859).
Nov 25The 'Velvet Divorce' was approved, dividing this nation in two (1992).
Nov 26The Second Triumvirate was formed between Antony, Lepidus, and this man (43 BC).
Nov 27Pope Urban II started this event (1095).
Nov 28This playwright married Anne Hathaway (1582).
Nov 29The Meiji Constitution went into effect in this nation (1890).
Nov 30This longtime Jeopardy! champ finally loses, ending his 74 game winning streak (2004).

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