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Can you name the characters by the location in which they are physically introduced?

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When clues are identical, characters are listed in the order of appearance. For example: There are two hobbits introduced in the Shire whose names begin with the letter "F" - identify them in order of appearance.
B (Hobbit)Shire
F (Hobbit)Shire
F (Hobbit)Shire
S (Hobbit)Shire
M (Hobbit)Shire
P (Hobbit)Shire
G (Maia)Shire
G (Elf)Shire
O (Tree)Old Forest
T (Unknown)Old Forest
G (River-daughter)Old Forest
B (Human)Bree
A (Human)Bree
W (Nazgul)Weathertop
G (Elf)Trollshaws
E (Half-elven)Rivendell
A (Half-elven)Rivendell
E (Half-elven)Rivendell
E (Half-elven)Rivendell
E (Elf)Rivendell
G (Elf)Rivendell
L (Elf)Rivendell
B (Human)Rivendell
G (Dwarf)Rivendell
G (Dwarf)Rivendell
B (Dwarf)Moria
B (Maia)Moria
H (Elf)Lorien
C (Elf)Lorien
G (Elf)Lorien
G (Stoor)River Anduin
E (Human)Rohan
U (Uruk-hai)Rohan
G (Orc)Rohan
S (Mearas/Horse)Rohan
H (Human)Rohan (Edoras)
T (Human)Rohan (Edoras)
G (Human)Rohan (Edoras)
E (Human)Rohan (Edoras)
G (Human)Rohan (Helm's Deep)
E (Human)Rohan (Helm's Deep)
T (Ent)Fangorn Forest
B (Ent)Fangorn Forest
S (Maia)Isengard
F (Human)Ithilien
S (Spider)Pass of Cirith Ungol
S (Orc)Pass of Cirith Ungol
G (Orc)Pass of Cirith Ungol
D (Human)Minas Tirith
B (Human)Minas Tirith
B (Human)Minas Tirith
I (Human)Minas Tirith
H (Human)Rohan
E (Human)Druadan Forest
G (Wildman)Druadan Forest
G (Human)Pelennor Fields
I (Human)Minas Tirith
M (Human)Black Gate
G (Eagle)Black Gate
L (Eagle)Black Gate
M (Eagle)Black Gate
C (Elf)Grey Havens

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