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ACity famous for the Taj Mahal
BIsland containing Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia
CWhat Switzerland is divided into
DSahara, Atacama, Gobi, Simpson, etc.
EWhat the U.A.E. is divided into
FSurprising location of Europe's space port
GLargest island that is not a continent
HLargest island of Japan
IJamaica, Sri Lanka, Malta, ect.
JLargest city in South Africa
KCity famous for the Petronas Towers
LSecond Largest city in the U.S.
MCity/District famous for its casinos
NNation known as 'Land of the Midnight Sun'
OWhat Russia is divided into
PThe 'Crossroads of the World'
QCanadian Province that threatens to leave Canada
RSecond largest city in Brazil
SLargest city in China
TAustralian island south of the mainland
UThe 'Breadbasket of Europe'
VCity famous for its canals
WCountry that is part of the United Kingdom
XThe 'Lonestar State' (_ _ x _ _)
YCity on the Crimean Penninsula famous for a WWII meeting
ZLargest city in Switzerland

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