Nicknames of U.S. Generals

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Can you name the nicknames of some United States generals?

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General's NameNicknameWar Involved
Norman SchwarzkopfVietnam War/Grenada/Persian Gulf War
Douglas MacArthurMexican Revolution/World War I/World War II/Korean War
Andrew JacksonAmerican Revolution/Creek War/Seminole Wars/War of 1812
Dwight EisenhowerWorld War II
Thomas J. JacksonMexican-American War/Civil War
Zachary TaylorWar of 1812/Black Hawk War/Seminole Wars/Mexican-American War
Robert E. LeeMexican-American War/Civil War
George PattonMexican Revolution/World War I/World War II
General's NameNicknameWar Involved
William T. ShermanCivil War
John PershingIndian Wars/Spanish-American War/Philippine-American War/Russo-Japenese War/Mexican Revolution/World War I
George McClellanMexican-American War/Civil War
Joseph HookerSeminole Wars/Mexican-American War/Civil War
Winfield ScottWar of 1812/Seminole Wars/Black Hawk War/Mexican-American War/Civil War
William Henry HarrisonNorthwest Indian War/Tecumseh's War/War of 1812
Ulysses S. GrantMexican-American War/Civil War

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