Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Trivia

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Can you name the facts of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain's life?

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During the official surrender ceremony, Chamberlain ordered his men to do what as a show of respect for the Confederate soldiers?
First battle engaged in?
Mustered out with what rank?
His initial rank?
Attended what college?
Received what for his actions at Gettysburg?
Was wounded how many times throughout the entire war?
As a college professor, he taught every subject except which two?
Was fluent in how many languages (other than English)?
Married to whom?
Led famous charge during battle of Gettysburg where?
Was severely wounded during which major action?
Appointed president of what college?
Served four terms as what elected official?
Title of his war memoirs?
Enlisted in what regiment during the Civil War?
Year he died?
Born in what state?

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