Athletes Who Died While Active

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Can you name the Athletes who died in their prime?

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SportNameDeath Info
MLBPrivate Plane Crash 1979
NFLCar Accident 1992
NCAA HoopsBaylor University, Homicide
NBADrag Racing Accident 2000
NBACar Accident 2000
NFLPlane Crash in Everglades 1996
NBACocaine Overdose 1986
NFLDrowned 2007
NCAA HoopsLoyola Marymount, Heart Attack
MLBPrivate Plane Crash 2006
NFL/College FootballCancer 1963
MLBPlane Crash 1972
NFLDrowned 1981
NFLCancer 1970
SportNameDeath Info
NFL Heat Stroke 2001
NFLComplications from Car Accident 2000
NFLHomicide 2007
NASCARAuto Accident Daytona 500 2001
NFLHomicide 2007
MLBCar Accident 2009
GolfPlane Crash 1999
NFLAuto Accident 2009
NFLLost At Sea 2009
MLBHeart Defect 2002
NFLLost At Sea 2009
NFLHomicide 2000
NFLFriendly Fire 2004
MLBHomicide 1978

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