Best Selling Artists By Alphabet in US

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Can you name the Best Selling Artists By Alphabet in the US?

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LetterArtist/BandNumber Sold
A66 million
B168.5 million
C57.5 million
D47.5 million
E89 million
F48.5 million
G48 million
H54 million
I15.5 million
J78.5 million
K31 million
L107.5 million
M60 million
N34 million
LetterArtist/BandNumber Sold
O20 million
P73.5 million
Q31.5 million
R64.5 million
S70.5 million
T47 million
U50.5 million
V56.5 million
W20 million
Y16.5 million
Z25 million
236.5 million
310.5 million

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