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Los Angeles, CA9,878,554
Chicago, IL5,285,107
Houston, TX3,935,855
Phoenix, AZ3,880,181
Santa Ana, CA2,997,033
San Diego, CA2,974,859
Brooklyn, NY2,528,050
Miami, FL2,387,170
Dallas, TX2,366,511
Queens, NY2,270,338
Riverside, CA2,073,571
San Bernardino, CA2,007,800
Detroit, MI1,985,101
Seattle, WA1,859,284
Las Vegas, NV1,836,333
Fort Lauderdale, FL1,759,591
San Jose, CA1,748,976
Fort Worth, TX1,717,435
Manhattan, NY1,620,867
San Antonio, TX1,594,493
Cambridge, MA1,473,416
Oakland, CA1,464,202
Riverhead, NY1,453,229
Philadelphia, PA1,449,634
Sacramento, CA1,386,667
The Bronx, NY1,373,659
Mineola, NY1,306,533
Cleveland, OH1,295,958
West Palm Beach, FL1,266,451
Pittsburgh, PA1,219,210
Pontiac, MI1,206,089
Tampa, FL1,174,727
Minneapolis, MN1,136,599
Columbus, OH1,118,107
Orlando, FL1,066,113
Martinez, CA1,019,640
Fairfax, VA1,010,241
Salt Lake City, UT1,009,518
Clayton, MO995,118
Atlanta, GA992,137

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