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We can't have him...Dowager Countess
I can't stop thinking of what I'd do if...Lavinia
That's if he's good to you. If he's not...Matthew (to Mary)
I'm a woman, I can be as...Dowager Countess
Why does everyday involve a fight...Dowager Countess
Sometimes I feel as if I were living in a...Dowager Countess
I may be a socialist, but...Branson
If his grace doesn't like it...Lord Grantham
I hope you know that really smart people...Mary
No Englishman would dream of...Dowager Countess
So put that in your...Dowager Countess
If she's got a boyfriend, I'm...O'Brien
I come in...Dowager Countess
She thinks that if you put a toy down, it’ll still be sitting there...Lord Grantham
Does this mean you'll beWilliam (to Daisy)
I said you could go for a drink of water...Mrs Patmore (to Daisy)
Poor old Edith. We never seem to...Lord Grantham
No one want's to kiss...Dowager Countess
At least I'm not fishing...Mary (to Edith)
No one ever learns anything from a governess except...Sybil
What is a...Dowager Countess
I won't always be...Branson
Be happy. For...Lavinia
You think it'll be like little women and instead...Cora
Because I think very...Sir Richard Carlisle
Ambition or...Branson
No. She isn't until she is married, then...Dowager Countess (about Sybil)
Be careful my lad, or you'll end up with...Mrs Hughes (to Branson)
We're all lucky if we get a...Anna (to O'Brien)
Well we could always start with...Dowager Countess

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