Freshwater Fish of North America

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Humorous HintsName of FishInformation
This fish sparklesOther name, steelhead
A trout with a color nameLikes cold streams
This fish has a big mouthEnjoys warm water
A very strong fighter with a small jawLikes cold rocky areas
This fish has whiskersBottomfeeder
A real pestThe most common sunfish
This fish is only tints and shadesTwo very similar species
Humorous HintsName of FishInformation
This spiny fellow is very yellowSmall, but mighty
Streamlined and ferociousBar patterns on it's scales
Striped like a tigerAggressive predator
This predator's eyes sparkleHas a white tip on the bottom of it's tail
This shy fish lives in the great lakesLight spots on a grayish body
A gentle giant that lives in deep waterOddly, a bottomfeeder

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