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(T) One of Voldemort's Death Eaters (Last Name)
(O) Harry tried to learn this to keep Voldemort out of his mind
(M) The name of Voldemort's Mother (first name)
(M) Voldemort orders for M_________ to be caught and questioned by Dolores Umbridge
(A) He made it possible for his death eaters to break out of..
(R) The place where the lost diadem was hidden
(V) The name people fear to say
(O) Voldemort tortured this wandmaker
(L) Death eater (last name)
(O) The place where Voldemorts mother died and where he was raised
(R) Death eater and brother to Sirius Black
(I) Something used in the cave to protect the locket
(D) Something that Voldemort used to get into Ginny Weasley's mind
(D) A lost horcrux (Ravenclaw)
(L) If there is one thing Voldemort can not understand it is L___
(E) The Spell which Harry Potter uses on Voldemort in ''The Goblet Of Fire''

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