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Hornet Man, Slash Man, Snake ManBee, Lion?, and Snkae
Clown Man, Spring Man, Shadow ManClown with Thunder, Spring with Coil, Shadow with Shuriken
Tengu Man, Pharaoh, Tomahawk ManJapanese and Indian and Egyptian
Gamma, Concrete Man, GorislyJust look at 'em...
Fire Man, Needle Man, Magma ManThink about it...
Wood Man, Cut Man, Time Man, Oil ManBetcha didn't know that!
Astro Man, Cloud Man, Splash WomanNo need to explain '.'
Skull Man, Jewel Man, Pump Man(KINDA SUCKY)
Bright Man, Quick Man, Fire ManDEE! DEE! DEE!
Search Man, Sword Man, Frost ManLong arms, Sword 4 hand, 2 heads THEY'RE FREAKS!
Sheep Man, Charge Man, Clown Man?
Yellow Devil, Mega Man?, CWU-01P,No need again!

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