What DID Jesus Do?

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Can you name the things that Jesus did?

Updated Aug 18, 2013

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At Levi's house, tax collectors and sinners approacha) Cast them out b) Pray for them c) Eat with them d) Preach to them
Together with his disciples he comes to Gethsemanea) Dine b) Pray c) Walk on water d) Speak in tongues
The disciples doubt that he has really been resurrecteda) Curse them b) Show them his wounds c) Speak in tongues d) Sing
Lazarus falls sick and then dies while Jesus is awaya) Raise him from the dead b) Bury him c) Pray for his soul d) Chant
The disciples prepare a passover meal to eat with hima) Fast b) Send for Mary c) Pray d) Give thanks and break bread
At a wedding, the hosts run out of wine a) Drink water b) Fast c) Turn water to wine d) Walk on water
His disciples are on a ship in the midst of the seaa) Call to them b) Pray for their safety c) Walk on water d) Swim to them
In the wilderness he is to be tempted by the Devila) Kill the serpent b) Fast for 40 days c) Eat the apple d) Get help from the Samaritan
Simon Peter tells Jesus that he is the living Son of Goda) Forbid him to reveal it b) Tell him to preach it c) Say nothing d) Pray
Jesus approaches Jerusalem at the Mount of Olivesa) Ride a colt b) Walk alone c) Ride a camel d) Skip merrily
After his arrest, the high priest asks 'Are You the Christ?'a) Deny it b) Spit at him c) Say, 'I am' d) Cry out loudly
In the temple, Jesus finds the moneychangersa) Preach to them b) Overturn their tables c) Pray d) Make change
Zacchaeus, a tax collector, invites Jesus to his homea) Cast him away b) Heal him c) Kiss him d) Stay at his house
On a boat, buffeted by a storm, his disciples wake hima) Say, 'Oh ye of little faith' b) Walk on water c) Pray d) Cast out nets
Before Passover an evening meal is serveda) Eat b) Fast c) Write to Mary d) Wash the disciples' feet
A crowd of 5,000 comes to hear him speaka) Speak in parables b) Feed them with five loaves c) Pray d) Go to the mountain
In Peter's house, his mother-in-law is sick with a fevera) Pray for her b) Baptize her c) Touch her hand d) Declare her 'unclean'
At the age of 12, he stays behind in Jerusalem toa) Study in the temple b) Play with other kids c) Hide d) Turn water to wine
Walking, two blind men follow him, cryinga) Anoint them with oil b) Pray c) Immerse them in water d) Touch their eyes
Peter asks Jesus how many times he should forgivea) Stay silent b) Tell him '7 times' c) Pray d) Tell him '7 x 70 times'

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