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Can you name the correct definition for these J.K. Rowling neologisms?

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To immediately transport from one place to another
Scoring ball used in wizard sport
Magician born of non-magical parents (slang)
Wizard who can transform into an animal
Creature that feeds on human emotions
A magical method of mind reading
Non-magical person
Mythical horned creature, invented by X. Lovegood
Magical creature that digs for treasure
The language of snakes
Black, winged, dragon-like horse
A receptacle for a portion of the soul
Incantation used to open locked doors
Sport played on broomsticks
An unquenchable magic fire
A stone basin used to view memories
The Chief wizarding jury
Leader of a tribe of giants
Dark wizard catcher
To injure onself while apparating
Small, long-fingered, tree-dwelling creature
A species of giant spider; ex: Aragog

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