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Can you name the movie villains by the descriptions of the crimes they committed?

Featured Feb 27, 2010

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Patricide, Casting Unforgivable Curses, Flying without a Broomstick
Dognapping, Witchcraft, Trafficking in Flying Monkeys
Abduction, Corrupting another with Drugs, Breaking ankles with a Sledgehammer
Espionage, Dereliction of (Holy) Duty, Conspiracy to Assassinate King Louis
Disruption of Public Telephone Service, Safecracking, Nakatomi Terrorism
Hiring Thugs, Cancelling Christmas, Cutting out Hearts with a Spoon
Electrocution, Murder by Laughter, Dancing with the Devil
Perjury, Falisification of Documents, Ordering a Code Red
Planetcide, Carrying a Concealed Lightsaber, Force Choking
Identity Theft, Tampering with Evidence, Misuse of a Knife in a Shower
Piracy, Mutiny on the Black Pearl, Theft of Cursed gold from Cortez
Hobbit Stalking, Giant Spider Baiting, Mandibular Amputation
Murder, Abuse of a Corpse, Drinking Chianti with Fava Beans
Blackmail, Mutating Sea Bass, Extortion of One Million Dollars
Unauthorized Lip Reading, Cutting off Life Support, Failing to Follow Programming
Boat Vandalism, Scuba Tank Theft, Devouring of a Sea Captain
Escape, Attempted detonation of San Andreas Fault, Theft of Kryptonian Meteorite
Menacing Tokyo, Leaving the Scene of Destruction, Inducing Japanese Panic
Attempted Taxidermy, Reckless Operation of a Coupe Deville, Menacing Dalmatians

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