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Can you name the correct answers to these over/under questions (please read game note)?

Updated Jan 5, 2012

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Question and NumberActual is Over or UnderActual Number
TV episodes featuring Frasier Crane: 203
Century of 'Star Trek: TNG': 27th
# of children who are 'Enough':10
Children of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon: 6
Length, in hours, of 'Gilligan's Island' tour: 2
# of people surveyed on 'Family Feud': 200
#on door of the General Lee: 11
Eponymous Bob Newhart series: 7
US audience for last episode of 'MASH': 157 mil.
Betty White's age when hosting SNL: 92
Simple rules for dating my daughter: 5
Series in which Det. John Munch has appeared: 5
Question and NumberActual is Over or UnderActual Number
'LOST' Oceanic airways flight number: 1937
Portrayers of The Doctor (TV only): 6
'Beverly Hills' zip code: 80420
Bullets carried by Barney Fife: 6
Jump Street address of Johnny Depp: 71
'Brady Bunch' children: 9
Spinoffs of 'All in the Family': 4
Barbara Feldon's 'Get Smart' agent #: 69
Drew Barrymore's age when 1st hosting SNL: 11
Seasons of 'As the World Turns': 38
'Law & Order' shows: 4
Highest Double Jeopardy Q. value: $1500

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