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Can you name the source of these popular English phrases- the King James Bible (K) or NOT the King James Bible (N)?

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PhraseKJV or Not KJVSource
Pour out your heart
No man is an island
You are what you eat
Be horribly afraid
The skin of my teeth
Out of sight, out of mind
East of Eden
Accidents will happen
All that gli(s)ters is not gold
Share and share alike
Turned the world upside down
Fight fire with fire
PhraseKJV or Not KJVSource
The root of the matter
As a lamb to the slaughter
How the mighty have fallen
From time to time
To everything there is a season
Beauty is skin deep
Let the buyer beware
Let slip the dogs of war
Hell hath no fury
Cart before the horse
Set thy house in order
Stand in awe

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