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Can you name the 'T' names (first and last)?

Updated Jan 2, 2012

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Full NameMissing NameSource of Fame
_____ Tim'Tiptoe through the Tulips' singer
Charlize _____Portrayer of Aileen Wournos
_____ Lee JonesHe doesn't care if you did it
Ted _____CNN and TBS founder
_____ BennettLeft his heart in San Francisco
_____ StephensDaughter on 'Bewitched'
_____ Gilliam'Time Bandits' director
_____ Spelling'Beverly Hills' 90210 actress
_____ Roosevelt'Square Deal' President
Alex _____'Jeopardy' host
_____ the ApemanCheeta's friend
Mother _____Beatified Albanian nun
Full NameMissing NameSource of Fame
_____ Aquinas13th C. priest and theologian
Shirley _____'Good Ship Lollipop' singer
Henry David _____'Walden' author
_____ DaltonBond between Moore & Brosnan
_____ Rundgren'Hello, It's Me' singer
_____ und IsoldeWagner opera
John _____Vinny Barbarino portrayer
Margaret _____The 'Iron Lady'
_____ MannKidnapped in 'Field of Dreams'
Leo _____'War and Peace' author
David _____'Omen' and 'Azkaban' actor
Andy _____Sheriff of Mayberry

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