Legislative, Executive or Judicial?

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Can you name the branch of the U.S. government that was responsible for each of these actions, (L)egislative, (J)udicial or (E)xecutive?

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Northern troops are removed from southern capitals, ending Reconstruction1877
President Nixon ordered to turn over the Watergate tapes1974
Persons charged with crimes in state court have the right to counsel1963
President Nixon is pardoned for involvement in Watergate1974
The Supreme Court may declare an act of Congress to be unconstitutional1803
New York Times permitted to criticize public officials1964
Twelve Federal Reserve Banks are created to govern monetary policy1913
Dissidents attack Cuba at the Bahia de Cochinos1961
President may only commit American troops for 60 days without legislative approval1973
An Ohio Klansman permitted to make a public speech1969
School segregation deemed unconstitutional1954
Arms are sold to Iran to fund uprising in Nicaragua1986
Lewis and Clark commissioned to explore Louisiana territory1804
Interstate highway system is created with 41,000 miles of road1955
Slaves in captured Confederate territory are freed1863
States may not prohibit abortions before 'viability'1973
A civil service exam is created for those seeking federal government jobs1883
State of war declared with Empire of Japan1941
160 acres of land given to anyone who would live on it and work it for five years1862
Creation of the League of Nations is proposed to the world1918

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