Just the Facts: The JFK Assassination

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Can you supply the answers to these questions about the JFK assassination?

Updated Nov 22, 2013

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In 1960, President Kennedy barely carried Texas despite having this man as his running mate:
To raise money and prepare for a 1964 reelection bid, Johnson arranged a visit through this Texas Governor:
Jackie Kennedy decided to come along on the trip, in part to lift her spirits after the death of her newborn son, who she gave this name:
Shortly before the trip, this man got a job filling book orders in a downtown Dallas building:
The eventual assassin had served in this branch of the U.S. Armed Forces:
Following his service, he had defected to this country in October of 1959:
Weeks before Kennedy's trip, this U.N. ambassador was assaulted in Dallas, leading him to warn Kennedy against making the trip:
JFK first went to this city, home to the Alamo, to speak at Brooks Air Force Base:
Then on to Houston to speak at this hotel, named for the man who founded an Owl loving university:
On Friday, November 22nd, Kennedy began the day with a speech at the Hotel Texas to this business group:
JFK was scheduled to give a lunch talk at this building, now part of the Dallas Market Center:
The motorcade had seven cars, including the Presidential car, a 1961 edition of this model:
The Kennedys sat in the back, the Governor and his wife in the middle and the front seats contained two members of this elite force:
At 12:29 PM CST, the motorcade entered this triangular park near the triple underpass in the West End district of Dallas:
The assassin fired three shots from the 6th floor of this Dallas Building:
The shooting was captured on a home movie filmed by this clothing manufacturer of Russian lineage:
Following the first shot, this Secret Service agent, assigned to Mrs. Kennedy, jumped from the follow-up car and climbs onto the Presidential limo:
With the agent now shielding the First Lady and the mortally wounded President, the limo sped off to this Dallas medical facility:
Dallas television station WFAA immediately cut into programming, but much of the nation learned of the shooting from this CBS anchorman:
At the hospital, there was nothing that could be done for the President. His death was first confirmed by Rev. Oscar L. Huber, who had administered these to JFK:
Just 15 minutes later, J.D. Tippit, a Dallas police officer, was shot and killed. His killer was caught 45 minutes later at this type of establishment:
LBJ was sworn in as President inside this Presidential vehicle:
Two days later the assassin was killed by this Dallas nightclub owner:
The next day, Kennedy was buried at this cemetery, near Washington:

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