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Can you name the only Big 4 league that fits each clue?

Updated Feb 29, 2016

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Only league that doesn't use a ball:
Only league with no Canadian teams:
Only league whose games are not a set number of minutes:
Only league where the object in play isn't made from leather:
Only league never to have a team win 5 or more consecutive championships:
Only league where routine rules infractions require the team to play with fewer players:
Only league with no salary cap:
Only league never to have a player born in Africa:
Only league not currently broadcast on ESPN:
Only league with an antitrust exemption:
Only league that doesn't have 'league' in its name:
Only league formed before 1905:
Only league where teams play more than 100 games per season:
Only league where the coaches wear team uniforms:
Only league to give out more than one annual (regular season) MVP award:
Only league with a single game championship:
Only league that doesn't have a holding penalty:
Only league never to have had an MVP named 'Joe':
Only league that measures distances in yards:
Only league whose players don't wear helmets:
Only league in which you can't score any kind of 'goal':
Only league that equally shares all TV revenue amongst the teams:
Only league whose championship trophy is not named after a specific person:
Only league whose champion couldn't play for a trophy because of a pandemic:
Only league that passes the existing championship trophy on to the next team:

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