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Updated Oct 24, 2013

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Mother's nameLuke 1:27
(Human) Father's nameLuke 1:27
Angel who visits Jesus' motherLuke 1:30
City in which his parents residedLuke 1:26
Birth now celebrated on this dayNone
City of birthMatthew 2:1-23
In Gospel of Luke, these men visit infant JesusLuke 2:15-20
In Gospel of Matthew, these men bring 3 giftsMatthew 2:1-12
Client king of Judea at his birthMatthew 2:4-6
As a child, found studying in this buildingLuke 2:41-52
Jesus' pre-theology occupationMark 6:3
Jesus is baptized by this manMatthew 3:14
The baptism occurs in this riverJohn 1:28
Jesus turns water into this liquidJohn 2:1-12
At Galilee beckons these fishing brothersMatthew 4:18-22
Selects this many to be apostlesMark 3:13-19
On the Mount gives these 8 blessingsLuke 6:20-49
Frequently uses this illustrative story formVarious
Feeds 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 of theseMatthew 14:17
Feeds 4,000 with 7 of theseMark 8:1-10
Raises this brother of Martha from the deadJohn 11:44
Met in Jerusalem with branches of this treeJohn 12:13
Overturns their tables in Jerusalem's templeMark 11:15-17
Conducts this final meal with disciplesLuke 22:14-20
Prays with disciples in this gardenMatthew 26:36
Is betrayed by this discipleLuke 22:47-48
Judged by this Roman Prefect of JudeaMatthew 27 1:14
This man is then releasedJohn 18:38-40
Drinks vinegar and is crucified hereMark 15:22-25
Is resurrected on this church holidayMatthew 28:10

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