Presidential Oaths

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Can you name the U.S. Presidents who took their oath in atypical circumstances?

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Oath GiverOath TakerOath Location
Sarah T. Hughes, District JudgeAir Force One, Love Field, Dallas
Oliver Ellsworth, Chief JusticeCongress Hall, Philadelphia
John Marshall, Chief JusticeOld Brick Capitol, Washington
John Marshall, Chief JusticeU.S. Capitol- House Chamber
Salmon P. Chase, Chief JusticeKirkwood Hotel, Washington
Edward White, Chief JusticeU.S. Capitol- President's Room
John R. Hazel, District JudgeAnsley Wilcox House, Buffalo
William Cranch, District JudgeU.S. Capitol- House Chamber
Warren Burger, Chief JusticeWhite House- North Entrance Hall
John C. Coolidge, Notary PublicPlymouth, Vermont
John Roberts, Chief JusticeWhite House- Map Room
Robert Livingston, Chancellor of NYFederal Hall, NY
Harlan Stone, Chief JusticeWhite House- Cabinet Room
William Cranch, District JudgeBrown's Hotel, Washington
John R. Brady, NY Supreme Ct. Justice123 Lexington Ave, New York
Melville Fuller, Chief JusticeU.S. Capitol- Original Senate Wing
Morrison Waite, Chief JusticeWhite House- Red Room
Warren Burger, Chief JusticeWhite House- East Room

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