Disaster! (audio)

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Can you name the disaster movies from clips of their trailers?

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0:00-0:141994/Dennis Hopper
0:15-0:311972/Ernest Borgnine
0:32-0:501993/Sam Neill
0:51-1:051974/Charlton Heston
1:06-1:232000/Scott Glenn
1:24-1:372004/Jake Gyllenhaal
1:38-1:501997/Linda Hamilton
1:51-2:081937/Dorothy Lamour
2:09-2:222009/John Cusack
2:23-2:331997/Don Cheadle
2:34-2:521996/Sylvester Stallone
2:53-3:131998/Morgan Freeman
3:14-3:261970/Dean Martin
3:27-3:412003/Hilary Swank
3:42-3:541998/Bruce Willis
3:55-4:091997/Annabella Sciorra
4:10-4:231996/Helen Hunt
4:24-4:371979/Jane Fonda
4:38-4:531998/Elijah Wood
4:54-5:101974/Steve McQueen
5:11-5:282000/Mark Wahlberg
5:29-5:451997/Gloria Stuart

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