Dirty Job or Not?

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Can you name the Dirty Jobs (D) and Not dirty jobs (N) from the Discovery Channel show 'Dirty Jobs'?

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Job TitleDirty Job or Not?
Halitosis Detector
Owl Vomit Collector
Turkey Jerky Farmer
Cockroach Milker
Sporcle Editor
Half-Life Timer
Micro-algae Man
Pet Rock Miner
Hippo Weigher
Shark Suit Tester
Ostrich Wrangler
Gandy Dancer
Job TitleDirty Job or Not?
Poo Pot Maker
Goat Milk Soap Maker
Underwater Smelter
Baby Chicken Sexer
Porcelain Privateer
Cow Midwife
Jester Tester
Geoduck Farmer
Catfish Noodler
Cow Hoof Trimmer
Kitten Psychologist
Outhouse Valet

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