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Can you name the next city with a population of 100,000 that you would hit following these directions?

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Montgomery, AL | North | I-85420,003
Butte, MT | South | I-15186,440
Durham, NC | North | I-85204, 214
Atlanta, GA | South | I-75124,354
Syracuse, NY | West | I-90261,310
Albuquerque, NM | East | I-40579,999
Des Moines, IA | North | I-35(W)382,578
Tuscaloosa, AL | South | I-59343,829
Little Rock, AR | East | I-40646,889
Manchester, NH | South | I-93617, 594
Peoria, IL | East | I-74820,445
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Provo, UT | South | I-15583,756
Lexington, KY | North |I-75296,943
Fargo, ND | West | I-94104,170
Minneapolis, MN | West | I-94105,549
Sioux City, IA | South | I-29408.958
Tallahassee, FL | West | I-10195,111
Columbus, OH | East | I-70305,704
Ft. Wayne, IN | North | I-69114,297
Milwaukee, WI | East | I-942,695,598
Charleston, WV | South | I-77731,424
Shreveport, LA | East | I-20173,514

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