Over/Under: History

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Can you name the correct answers to these over/under questions (please read game note)?

Updated Jan 5, 2012

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Question and NumberActual is Over or UnderActual Number
English Kings named Henry: 10
Americans killed at Pearl Harbor: 1,241
Men who have walked on the moon: 17
Popes named Benedict: 23
Passengers on the Titanic: 1,178
Assassinated U.S. Presidents: 5
Length, in days, of World War I: 1095
Length, in years, of hundred years war: 100
Wives of Henry VIII: 5
States in the U.S. Confederacy: 13
Nations represented at 1896 Olympics: 27
Non-Americans killed on 9-11: 158
Question and NumberActual is Over or UnderActual Number
Original Canadian provinces: 6
U.S. Presidents named James: 4
Years the Berlin Wall stood: 37
Space Shuttle Launches: 103
Nations at first U.N. General Assembly: 75
Theses of Martin Luther: 85
Days W.H. Harrison was president: 60
Planes shot down by Red Baron: 60
New World voyages of Columbus: 6
Indian Prime Ministers named Gandhi: 4
Members of House of Commons (UK): 435
Names on Schindler's List: 512

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