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Can you name the famous aunts from movies, television and literature?

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Vicinity of ConsanguinityFamous Aunt
Dorothy's guardian in The Wizard of Oz
Either of two aunts crushed by James' giant peach
Title aunt of Oz writer L. Frank Baum's 10 book series about her nieces
Either of Bart, Lisa and Maggie's chain-smoking aunts
Will Smith's guardian on Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Peter Parker's protective parent-figure
Aunt of Bertie Wooster, frequently foiled by Jeeves
International chain of pretzel making establishments
Fred Sanford's sister-in-law, beloved by nephew Lamont
Samantha's bumbling elderly aunt on Bewitched
Melanie's Aunt that Scarlett goes to live with during the war in Atlanta
Either of teenage witch Sabrina's magical aunts
Lived with Andy and Opie in Mayberry
DC replaced Alfred Pennyworth with this aunt of Bruce Wayne
Wife of Lars in Star Wars: A New Hope
Quaker Oats pancake and syrup trademark since 1893
Tom Sawyer's strict custodian
Turns Clark Griswold's wagon into a hearse in National Lampoon's Vacation
One of two aunts of Harry Potter: the wife and sister of Vernon Dursley
Namesake of 1974 film and 1966 Broadway musical

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