Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker?

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Can you name the source - Harry Potter (H) or Luke Skywalker (L)?

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Film FactH or LBut the other guy...
Is awarded medal for services to the rebellion
Is nearly killed by large, dumb beast in the loo
Weapon: hand-held, 11'' long
Short levitation teacher was human (w/a dash of goblin)
Best friend has 3 letter name, flies Anglia
Nemesis: Wears all black, no hair, no nose
Discovers that bad guy killed his father
Uncle didn't want him to go to Academy
Wise bearded teacher wore glasses
Sees bad guy's hand chopped off by bad guy
Kisses best friend's sister
Saw ghostly vision of dead father & mother
Mentored by small, big-eared character who 'mastered' the force
Evil minions wore white masks and body armor
Helps kill slimy creature on sail barge
Female friend was raised by Senator
Mother died birthing hero
Helped by huge furry thing from Kashyyyk
Father was excellent flyer (on brooms)
Aunt & uncle raised him on a farm

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