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Can you name the person who goes with the specific spelling of the given name?

Updated May 30, 2013

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Name and ChoicesCorrect Person
Berry: Dave or Halle?
Debra: Gibson or Winger?
Karl: Jung or Marx?
Gregg: Allman or Norman?
Johnny: Cash or Quest?
Victor: Hugo or Krum?
Kelly: Grace or Kitty?
Aleksandr: Graham Bell or Solzhenitsyn?
Edward: Elgar or Grieg?
Katharine: Hepburn or O'Hara?
Mark: Anthony or Twain?
Hilary: Clinton or Swank?
Name and ChoicesCorrect Person
Stephen: King or Spielberg?
Barbra: Bush or Streisand?
Katy: Couric or Perry?
Jon: Bon Jovi or Wayne?
Rodgers: Kenny or Richard?
Louis: Armstrong or Carroll?
Glenn: Campbell or Miller?
Itzhak: Perlman or Rabin?
Eric: Clapton or Estrada?
Toni: Blair or Morrison?
Idle: Billy or Eric?
Cyndi: Crawford or Lauper?

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