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Can you name the nine letter words using the two sections given and one section from the word above?

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Note: The same three letter section may be passed down more than once.
Known sectionsWord
IES     LIT     ABI
LOG     ZOO     ???
TIC     ???     EPI
???     ISM     CRI
BED     DES     ???
TUR     ???     DIS
ITY     ???     BID
???     DEN     FOR
TED     COM     ???
???     SLY     IOU
Known sectionsWord
WIT     ???     LES
TED     OUT     ???
???     STR     IKE
ING     ???     SPR
ENI     OUS     ???
???     TIC     GMA
ISE     ???     CRI
UMS     ???     COL
ATE     PER     ???
???     DES     ADO

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