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Can you name the famous people whose names rhyme with the word that normally completes these adages?

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AdagesNameClaim to Fame
A stitch in time saves _____Stooge named Larry
Never judge a book by its _____Lethal Weapon actor
You can't teach an old dog new _____Fleetwood Mac singer
You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it _____'So What' musician
A rolling stone gathers no _____Purported flag sewer
Loose _____ sink shipsKnight's backup group
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of _____Hamilton dueler
The squeaky wheel gets the _____Monty Python member
Don't put the _____ before the horse20th C. French philosopher
AdagesNameClaim to Fame
Birds of a feather _____ togetherAustrian gun maker
What goes up must come _____Snoopy's owner
Spare the rod and spoil the _____Dorian Gray author
To err is _____, to forgive divine20th C. US President
____ is thicker than waterBugs' tormentee
Cut off your _____ to spite your faceBaseball hits leader
The grass is always _____ on the other side of the fenceSelf-Tweeting politician
There's more than one way to _____ a catNY Basketball sensation
Where there's a _____ there's a wayMoneyball's Jonah

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