Andy Rooney or Mickey Rooney?

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Can you name the person these facts apply to, Andy Rooney (A) or Mickey Rooney (M)?

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Rooney RealityRight Rooney
Served in WWII for American Forces Network
Has been married eight times
Is a born-again Christian
Won one Emmy Award, in 1981
Star of 'Mr. Rooney Goes to Washington'
Won four Emmy Awards
Married once, for 62 years
Was a self-avowed athiest
Real Middle Name: Aitken
Voiced Santa Claus in four TV specials
Rooney RealityRight Rooney
Author of: 'Not that You Asked...'
Author of: 'Life is too Short'
Appeared on 'What's My Line'
Served in WWII, wrote for 'Stars & Stripes'
Born 1/14/19, died 11/4/11
Portrayed by Piscopo & MacDonald on SNL
Real Name: Joseph Yule, Jr.
Born 9/23/20, still living
Began career as variety show writer
Frequently appeared with Judy Garland

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