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Can you name the now defunct, dissolved or relocated Big 4 sports teams by their award-winning players?

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Marcus AllenSuper Bowl MVP/1984
Bob McAdooNBA MVP/1975
Marc CrawfordNHL Adams Award/1995
Hank AaronNL Gold Glove/1958
Cotton FitzsimmonsNBA Coach of the Year/1979
Danny GrantNHL Calder Trophy/1969
Merlin OlsonNFL Pro-Bowl MVP/1968
Oscar RobertsonNBA All-Star MVP/1961
Curtis McClintonAFL All-Star MVP/1962
Dany HeatleyNHL Calder Trophy/2002
Elgin BaylorNBA All-Star MVP/1959
Buck RodgersNL Manager of the Year/1987
Doug JarvisNHL Masterson Trophy/1987
Johnny UnitasNFL Pro-Bowl MVP/1960
Don NewcombeCy Young Award/1956
Don MeinekeNBA Rookie of the Year/1953
Jimmie FoxxAL MVP/1932
Dennis JohnsonNBA Finals MVP/1979
Bob PettitNBA MVP/1956, 1959
Willie MaysNL Rookie of the Year/1951
Don CoryellNFL Coach of the Year/1974
Warren MoonNFL Man of the Year/1989
Alvin DarkMLB Rookie of the Year/1948
Walter JohnsonAL MVP/1924
George SislerMLB MVP/1922

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