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Updated Oct 5, 2012

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What the incantation 'Stupefy' does*
Knight Bus conductor Shunpike*
Oliver Wood portrayer Biggerstaff*
Gryffindor Thomas*
What Sir Nicholas de Mimsy Porpington is*
A document showing you have ownership of property
What hay is to horses and seed is to hens
One-half of the Weasley twins*
What you did to get puppies
A tapered nail with a small head
A small ball for stringing or threading
A curve in the road
To keep or ward off
Chinese aesthetics, with 'shui'
Hagrid's loyal boarhound*
A sudden loud noise
Umbridge hating centaur*
What the moon does when not waxing
Harry's is holly with phoenix feather*
Terra firma
Rebecca De Mornay's character in 'Risky Business'
Ravenclaw Lovegood*
A fish, or American football coach
What you might hum or sing
Hermione might consult this ancient stone writing*
One step of this, or any ladder
One of Voldemort's Horcruxes*
Overlook's command line tool, or a digit with no 'er'
Old squib Arabella who lives near the Dursley's*
Around the world protaganist Phileas
Rapper Snoop (formerly)
Dumbledore's close friend Elphias*
An unintelligent person or slang for drugs
To fool someone
Precedes, 'Where's my car?'
Beatles subject who shouldn't, 'Make it bad'
A modern form of jujitso
Former Quidditch player Bagman*
Short form of proprietary name for methaqualone
A stringed instrument
To be or make silent
A small parasitic arachnid
An ancient ritual
Daily Prophet writer Skeeter*
Flat bread with a pocket inside
A drink, with 'colada'
A type of tree, or actor Chris
To stack atop one another
A form of medicine or bug
Oldest of the Weasley Children*
Ill temper, irascibility
First name of Warner Brothers Coyote
Full of trickery, sly
Harry's mother*

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