Yoda Does Hollywood

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Can you name the movies from their famous lines as spoken if Yoda were cast in them?

Featured Apr 28, 2011

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Famous LineMovieOriginal speaker
'My dear frankly, I give not a damn. Hmmmmmm.'
'All right, Mr. Demille, ready for my close-up, I am.'
'Get you, I will, my pretty, and your little dog too! Yeesssssss.'
'Your seatbelts fasten. Going to be a bumpy night, it is. Herh herh herh.'
'Of napalm in the morning I love the smell! Hmmmmmm.'
'As mad as hell, am I, and going to take this anymore I am not!'
'To test me a census taker once tried. With some fava beans and a nice chianti I ate his liver.'
'Back will I be.'
'Going to need a bigger boat, you are. Herh, herh, herh.'
'Badges, hmm? We need not no badges! I have not to show you any stinking badges!'
Famous LineMovieOriginal speaker
'Like a box of chocolates, mother always said life was. Going to get, you never know what you are.'
'Houston, problem we have.'
'Got to ask yourself one question, you have: 'Feel lucky do ' I, hmm?' well, do you, hmm? Yes, hmmm.'
'Mrs. Robinson, trying to seduce me, you are... You are not, hmm?'
'Always depended on the kindness of strangers, I have. Yes, hmmm.'
'Cinderella story. Nowhere from. Former greenskeeper, now, to become the Masters champion about.'
'In the corner, Baby, no one will put.'
'Looking at you, here is, kid.'
'Handle the truth you cannot!'
'His mother, a boy's best friend is.'

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