Star Spangled Singers

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Can you name the Singer/group or musician performing the Star Spangled Banner?

Updated Jul 15, 2013

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RangeMusician/groupLyrical section
0:09-0:15O say can you see
0:15-0:22by the dawn's early light,
0:22-0:28What so proudly we hailed
0:28-0:36at the twilight's last gleaming.
0:36-0:41Whose broad stripes and bright stars
0:41-0:47through the perilous fight,
0:47-0:54O'er the ramparts we watched,
0:54-1:00were so gallantly streaming.
RangeMusician/groupLyrical section
1:00-1:06And the rockets red glare,
1:06-1:11the bombs bursting in air,
1:11-1:19gave proof through the night
1:19-1:24that our flag was still there.
1:24-1:40O say does that star spangled banner yet wave,
1:40-1:45O'er the land of the free
1:45-2:10and the home of the brave?

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